Sited along the Lake in Door County Wisconsin, the Hansen Residence articulates its program in three pavilions to REST, LIVE and PLAY. Each pavilion is punctuated by a de-centered oculus, which migrates its position for the most optimal spatial location, tipping the roof as necessary. The oculus provides primary illumination for all the pavilions, balancing the light source from the window wall. Eschewing the conventional, symmetrical hipped roof which typically relies on collar and rafter ties, we employ an innovative truss roof structure which offers a clear volumetric interior. The pavilions are shaped relative to their natural affinities-- what’s around or within them-- drawing the separate volumes into relationship with one another and creating newly implied, overlapping centers.  The structural condition also allows for unique crisp lines of shape and produces deep soffits at the windows to protect against inclement weather.  The window positions and proportions are tuned with the soffit and eave. Precise cabinetry and storage benches are integrated into the wall.