andrew young memorial


This public space project honoring former Atlanta Mayor and Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young, involves three essential components:

THE SPRING roots the project to the site and symbolizes Andrew Young’s connection to Atlanta as a place of origin and renewal during his many travels. We propose a fountain and reflecting pool at the corner of Andrew Young International Boulevard and Spring St., historic location of one of Atlanta’s original springs. The fountain and reflecting pool both commemorate the historic significance of the site and symbolically initiate the unfolding of Andrew Young’s life and inspirations. Additionally, the water collaborates with the shelter of a canopy to create a cool, calm place of contemplation.

THE TABLET is a surface for the inscription of Andrew Young’s history and inspirations. A layered construction of ironwood plank upon concrete, the Tablet is inscribed with: 1) a timeline of Andrew Young’s life and times; 2) a collection of quotations from both Young and historical figures and peers who inspired him. The Tablet seeks to enrich the understanding of Young’s unique achievements by placing them into the historical and philosophical context that shaped his life.

THE GROVE is a symbol of Young’s commitment to the global community and the spirit of human equality. To symbolize Young’s reconciliation of local roots with global breadth, we propose a grove of oak trees indigenous to Atlanta, complemented by five specimen trees. These five trees relate to Young’s Olympic contribution to Atlanta and his dedication to the global regions represented in the Olympic rings.

LA DALLMAN and StossLU, collaborators.